About Us

What is Clayton County Conservation Awareness Network (CAN)?
In one way or another we all share a connection to the land, water, and natural resources of Clayton County.   Whether your connection is through outdoor recreation, farming, business, or simply enjoying the unique scenic beauty of northeast Iowa, there is something about the land that is important to you.
Clayton County CAN is a nonprofit organization with the mission: “To create a unified voice inspiring increased environmental awareness and land stewardship”. Our goal is to accomplish this by developing a network of individuals, existing organizations, and local businesses, who share ideas and participate in outdoor experiences and programs.  Because Clayton County is one of the most unique, environmentally sensitive, and scenic regions of Iowa, this grassroots network will provide a stronger informed voice for both local and statewide conservation related issues.

Clayton County CAN is lead by the following Board of Directors:

  • Board Chairperson: Daryl Bruxvoort, Elkader, IA
  • Past Chair: Gary Siegwarth, Farmersburg, IA
  • Vice Chair: Pat Grau, Elkader, IA
  • Treasurer: Chris Grau, Elkader, IA
  • Secretary: Sandy Caya, Elkader, IA

Board Members:

  • Joleen Jansen, Communia, IA
  • Daryl Landsgard, Gunder, IA
  • Cody Whittle, Elkader, IA
  • Bruce Blair, Elkader, IA