Book recommendation from the CCCAN Board

By Daryl Bruxvoort, CCCAN Board President

January 15, 2019

Art Cullen and his brother have printed a newspaper in Storm Lake for decades. In 2017 Art won a Pulitzer Prize in editorial writing for his work on the Des Moines water works lawsuit against three North Central Iowa counties including their own and their board of supervisors subterfuge on their source of funding for attorney’s fees. The book is much more than an account of this unexpected award even as prestigious as it was. The natural history of Storm Lake including its namesake lake, the early white settlers, packing plant history and large immigrant population are further subjects of exploration and analysis. Iowans will easily recognize the history and issues that plague rural America including the downward spiral of the small towns and villages that once defined the state. Surviving communities are forced to reinvent themselves in a 21st century where many demographic trend lines are working against them. Cullen writes expertly and from experience and this book should be a must-read for anyone who cares about rural Iowa both land and people.