Clayton County Conservation Awareness Network’s Annual Meeting

Clayton County CAN Annual Meeting
Thursday, November 16, 2017
Location: Keystone Area Education Association
1400 Second Street NW, in Elkader





6:30 pm Registration

Ballot Distribution,Door Prize entry, Partner Organization Displays, Refreshments

7:15 pm Call to Order – Clayton County CAN Board Chairman, Daryl Bruxvoort

Introduction of Clayton County CAN board
Review 2017 Clayton County CAN impact

7:30    Ballot Collection

7:35    Keynote Address: Dr. Francis Thicke soil scientist & organic farmer

Iowa’s water quality problems are the result of the prevalence of cropping systems that lack resilience and are inherently leaky of nutrients. The adoption of practices that are ecologically sound and improve soil health will also remedy water quality problems.

8:30    Announcements

           Winners of two door prizes

           Announce election results and introduce the new board members

8:45 Adjournment


Meet Francis Thicke

Soil Scientist & Organic Farmer, Dr. Francis Thicke

Francis Thicke, with his wife Susan, owns and operates a 90-cow, grass-based, organic dairy near Fairfield, Iowa.  They process their milk on the farm and market their dairy products through grocery stores and restaurants in Fairfield.  Francis has a Ph.D. in soil fertility and has served as National Program Leader for Soil Science for the USDA-Extension Service in Washington, D.C.

Francis has served on many advisory groups, including the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission, the Iowa Food Policy Council, and the USDA State Technical Committee. He has also twice testified before the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee.



Nomination Form

Clayton County CAN will fill 2 board positions at the the 2017 Annual Meeting. If you or someone you know is a Clayton County resident, and would like to be involved in the Clayton County CAN organization please complete this form:OUr

Our nomination period is now closed.