Clayton County CAN! is helping to restore the Osborne Pond

Clayton County CAN! chairperson, Daryl Bruxvoort presents check to Clayton County Conservation Board, executive director Jenna Pollack

The Clayton County CAN! Board of Directors recently chose to support the Osborne Pond Restoration Project by presenting a $1000 check to kick start the project.
Osborne Pond, a historically important aquatic habitat in Clayton County, was built in 1973. Conditions in the pond have deteriorated over time leading to low quality fish habitat. This fall the pond levee will be breached, allowing the pond to be drained slowly so a dry-dredge can take place in the fall of 2018.  Clayton County Conservation Board, Executive Director, Jenna Pollack explains,

The Clayton County Conservation Board’s ultimate goal is to renovate the pond, improve fish habitat, increase angler opportunities, and create a learning environment for visitors of all ages.

The purpose of the Osborne Pond project is to improve and protect the watershed/drainage area above the pond by slowing surface water inputs and reducing the sediment load carried to the pond. An active gully above the pond would be greatly improved by grubbing volunteer trees, reshaping and seeding to native grasses as a buffer, and installing a sediment control structure to slow down water and trap sediment before it reaches the pond. In subsequent stages we plan to patch the levee, install fish habitat structures and restock the pond.
The Osborne Pond is located immediately north of the Volga River on Highway 13. The site is a hub for family recreation and outdoor education. Based on a mapping assessment completed in 2009, the pond is a shallow structure with 1.3 acres of surface area, and a total estimated volume of 5.62 acre-feet. Ninety-acres of surrounding land drain to the pond. Heavy precipitation has resulted in chronic sedimentation over the last two years, filling the pond with sediment and allowing vegetative growth to expand within the pond, reducing dissolved-oxygen levels for fish.

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